Jo’s Guide to Visiting Copenhagen in (almost) 48 hours for Completely Free

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After going to a final morning gym session, my dad and I headed back to sort hour the final items we needed before we left. This ended up being a stressful ordeal as we almost ended up missing the coach to Heathrow (I literally had to run after it so it didn’t leave without us). Either way, once on the coach I spent a very pleasant hour listening to some quality tunes and making the most of the free wifi. Surprisingly, we arrived quite early at the airport, however, we then ended up using this time in the most Baptista-family-way-possible, in the tech shop buying some new gadget we don’t really need. When we went to board the plane, we got the luxury of being upgraded to first class thanks to our good friend Darren who is a pilot. This was a more than welcome change, as previously my dad and I were sitting at opposite ends of a fully booked plane. Things I have noticed about Copenhagen: 1. It’s full of wind turbines 2. Lots of water 3. Many, many flying fish 4. Flat + green. When we got to the airport, we trundled through the airport, hopped on the metro and then took a 20-minute walk through the city to get to our hotel. For dinner, we took a walk through the streets of Copenhagen to find somewhere to eat and ended up doing a walking tour of the centre before choosing 7/11, of all places. But, it was surprisingly good! We ate our food in the restaurant (classy I know) before retreating to the room for a long awaited sleep.

Tip 1: Don’t leave it to the last minute to pack

Tip 2: have a friend who is a pilot

Tip 3: 7/11 has great food


When I woke up, my dad had already left for breakfast, so I enjoyed a relaxing morning of dancing around to good music while getting ready for the day ahead. Once I’d pranced around enough and planned my route, I ate the breakfast leftovers that my dad brought me and got ready to leave. At 10:30 I was out the hotel and breezing down the streets. I first walked to Christiansborg Palace, where I gazed at the beautiful buildings, walked around the garden and then queued 30 mins to climb the tower in order to take in the view. All this time, I was desperate for the loo but thankfully there was free wifi and a fully charged phone to distract me. The view was worth waiting for though and helped me to appreciate what Copenhagen is all about. For one, I could see Mälmo and the rest of Sweden in the distance, but also I could see most of the sights and places to visit in Copenhagen, and also a lot of renewable energy sites. When I descended from the tower, I carried on my walk to Nyhaven, which is a picture perfect walking location divided into two by a canal, full of restaurants, small shops and people trying to sell boat tours to you. I decided to stop and sit down in the sun with a delicious Danish waffle from one of the cafes, which I deemed an acceptable lunch as 1. It was yummy 2. It was 1 pm 3. the shop assistant claimed it was very Danish. Following my pit stop in the picture perfect Nyhaven, I took the pedestrian bridge across the river to Christiansborg, where I then set my sights not on the natural history museum, but on Christiania, the Freetown of Copenhagen. Although I had some awareness of what it was, I did not except the first thing I saw when I entered to be a street full of little stalls selling weed and other drugs. Anyway, that is definitely not the part I visited. Having visited the museum and purchased a post card and come handmade gifts from the shop, I wandered through the streets and took in what there was to see. I stopped for a taco and a juice, and to buy some shorts and Hareem pants (you can never have too many of those). When I left the city, I visited the Our Saviours Church, as recommended by the Taco seller. I didn’t go up the tower, but I did take quite a few photos of its beautiful architecture. Then, I set myself the task of walking all the way back up to central Stockholm, stopping on the way at a bakery to purchase far too much bread and pastries. With advice from the shop assistant as to what we’re the most Danish items possible, the extent of my purchase was:

Multiseed rye bread

Cinnamon swirl

Cinnamon buns

Banana muffin

Blueberry muffin + oatmeal

Chocolate muffin

Chocolate chip sweet bread

Raisin sweet bread

Orange peel and cardamom sweet bread

Then, I trecked back across another three bridges, massive bag in tow, until I reached strøget, otherwise known as the shopping street of Copenhagen, with the intent of JUST buying a bikini to use in the hotel pool on my return. Two hours and 600 Danish Kronor later,  I had three new dresses, a mug, a bowl, a sippy cup, lots of different foods AND one bikini. By this point, I was exhausted and ready to head back to the hotel. The first thing I did when I got to the room was floppp on the bed, find a free VPN and watch an episode of love island. Having veeeeeery slowly gotten ready for the pool, I made my way down, robe and all, to the supposed ‘pool’ which turned out to be nothing more than a sauna and a small gym (cheers for that dad, good one!) which I had absolutely no intention of setting foot in, for fear my legs might collapse. Therefore, I retreated back to the room and ‘tried’ to do some work. Then, after my dad and his friend (and PHD student) went out for a short run, we all went out for dinner in what used to be a meat packing district with another one of my dad’s friends (and old PHD student). Since I had eaten faaaaaar too much by then for my own good, I settled for a pic’n’mix salad, which was actually sooooo good, and also stole a couple slices of pizza from the others. Thankfully, we didn’t have to walk all the way back in the cold, as we got a lift to the hotel, and then proceeded to collapse on a chair in the bar and order tea and hot chocolate to warm us all up. And then, sleep.

Tip 1: find out if there actually is a pool or not

Tip 2:

Tip 3:


Last day! Today I was determined to go for an early morning run, but quickly reminded myself that I was on holiday, and therefore that meant fully relax and detox from all effort (well – at least in my head). Therefore, I had another lazy start, dancing to some great tunes and packing before I set out. After another breakfast of stuff brought upstairs by my dad, I set off Northwards, along the 4 lakes all in a row. The weather was beautiful and the sun was shining, and even though my legs were still burning from yesterday, I walked all the way up to the Botanical gardens, which I walked past briefly, and then Rosenberg Castle. My tip to visiting this castle is simple: pretend you’re under 18 and you get free entrance. Having wondered through the various rooms and floors of the castle and admiring the beautiful paintings and objects, I walked through the gardens and watched the guards marching across. I stopped for 20 minutes to take in some rays of sunshine, relaxing by a lake in the gardens, before making my way back. When I was close to the hotel, I stopped to buy some lunch, which yet again had to be reinforced very loosely, as I caved and ended up getting a cinnamon bun and a mini banana muffin. I did also buy a salad, however, which I saved for the flight.  Back in the hotel, I picked up my suitcases and organised he last of my things, and then left. Walking back up the way I came, I trecked with my luggage to Nørreport, the metro station. As I went down the stairs, the train I wanted to catch pulled away, and I was left to wait for the next one 20 minutes later. However, just as the next one pulled away, I realised I could have gotten on that one as it went through the airport anyway! Either way, I ended up at the airport at some point, and then crossed to the right terminal, and security, where I narrowly missed out on having my juices ceased before I had the chance to drink them. Thankfully, I remembered last minute and drank them both quickly before they went through security. When I finally boarded the plane after a 25 minute delay, I settled in my seat and relaxed my legs for the first time in two days. However, it was short-lived when I discovered that they were out of Ploughman’s sandwiches and breakfast tea, such a disappointment… nevertheless, we were soon arriving in London. And after a 20-minute wait for the bus, I finally commenced the last leg of my journey, and then, home.

And there we have it, Copenhagen in less than 48 hours 🙂

See you next time,

-Jo x