Be Inspiring

I’m sure we can all pretty positively say that we have at least one person we look up to, be it a friend, professional, celebrity and so on, however, how many of you can say that you are a role model to somebody else? To me, there is no more important a feeling than that of admiration from someone of you. My heart glows hearing that this person looks up to me or that person wishes they could do something the way I do.

This year I started sixth form, and along with that came opportunities to look after different classes of students lower down the school. To some, this might be another check on the CV or an opportunity to miss out on their own form time, but for me, it was an opportunity to develop a relationship almost like sisters with other girls lower down. I was put with 7G, a class of 24 vibrant and enthusiastic 11-12 year olds from all over the world. They are all kind and funny and will always come to me with any issues to talk about or achievements they’ve had.

After a few weeks, I had learnt all of their names by heart, and we had gotten to enjoy spending lots of time as they settled into a brand new senior school. By the end of the term, the other year 7 form assistants and I have put on various assemblies, run the most successful year 7 talent show EVER and had a load of fun helping our forms settling into Oxford High tradition through form decorating, secret Santa and all sorts of other things. More than anything, it has been extremely rewarding to hear bright, bubbly voices say hi to you in the corridor or telling you about their day when passing them in the lunch queue. I love that they feel like I am here to care for them and that I’m not a scary face.

Most of all, looking after these year 7’s has taught me a lot about myself. I have learnt to be compassionate, patient, but most of all, be a good role model. Now, when I go to post a picture on Instagram I think about whether I would want an 11-year-old thinking this was what they had to post and if it had a good message, or when I am in the hallways and they are walking past, is what I was about to say to my friend really something that I would want other people to here? Having people look up to me and have such a close bond with has really helped me when I feel a bit lost in the world and want to give up. reminding myself I have these wonderful girls watching me drives me to make every success in life, and gives me a purpose to carry on even when I’ve lost hope, because they are still hopeful.

You only have so much time on this earth, and even less in school, and I think it is so incredibly important to make an impact on at least one person’s life. Give back to people who you know will live better lives with you in it, nurture and care for others as you are nurtured and cared for,

Inspire others as others have inspired you.

-Jo who blogs x