About Me

Hi there 🙂

My name is Jo, I’m 16 and I blog, hence ‘Jo Who Blogs’. I am an award-winning founder of two companies, I speak at events and in classes and even run my own classes and workshops. Some of my proudest achievements include presenting to Princess Anne, winning the Women of the Future Awards Young Star Award 2017, being a Finalist in the Everywoman FDM Women in Technology Awards (One to Watch Category) 2016 and gaining a double scholarship to Oxford High School, where I currently attend the sixth form. Furthermore, I have had some amazing opportunities over the past years, such as attending MIT Launch, where I founded Botelle, being a flagship member of Outbox Incubator, and winning 3 of 4 categories at the Oxford Brookes Emerging Tech Weekender in partnership with White October. As well as having the opportunity to participate in a competition run by White October, I’ve also had the opportunity to have work experience with them, as well as with IBM, which were both incredible. I love to play sports, such as Field and Ice Hockey, Swimming, Rounders, running and just going to the gym! I also love to play the ukulele and Guitar, even though I am really quite bad. I am a self-confessed shopaholic, and you will often find me cosied up in my bed painting my nails while watching a romance film in Spanish, whenever I have a break from homework.

If, after reading all this you still want to know more about me, check out these links from articles I’ve been featured in:

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And that’s a wrap. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know a little more about me, and hopefully, I will get to learn a bit more about you through the comments and what not. Don’t forget to subscribe!


See you around,

-Jo  xxx

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