5 things to do on your half term – an Idea

Hi there 🙂

Today’s post is in anticipation of UK Schools going on half term, which began as of today. Although it’s a great rest from school, I find it a struggle to decide what to do with my time, leaving me usually wasting that amazing 1 week break. So, I’ve prepared a guide to how to best and effectively spend your half term break to get het most out of it.


I know it sounds annoying, and geeky as hell, but it’s important. Although you are on your break from school, there is always an element of fun to be found in revising. My tips for you are, pick a subject you enjoy AND a subject you are struggling in, and alternate revision between them. Pick a revision method that YOU learn from. It’s all well and good a teacher telling you to revise with flash cards, but if you don’t learn with flash cards, don’t revise by flash cards!


I find that as I get more and more into the year, and more and more into the school years, I spend less and less time with family. I leave the house early in the morning (or in my case, I leave after them) and then return later on. The evening is ALWAYS packed with homework, revision, reading and changing into warm PJ’s and relaxing. Having Dinner and taking a shower doesn’t help either, and I find all my time has been taken up by the time I go to bed. That’s why, when it’s the holidays, I enjoy spending a little more time with family, doing activities with them and just chilling with them.


Again, this is an element I struggle to have time for during school times, and the holiday is a great time to combat that. I find myself trying out new classes in the gym, going out for walks and runs, or even just stretching at home. It will set you going for the day, give you a lovely fresh glow, and best of all set you in a better and more concentrated mood for the rest of the day.


I know that sounds cheesy, and something for 4 year olds to do, but it’s not true. Games come in all shapes and sizes – that board game you got for your birthday, the new online game your obsessed with, and even just good old tig with your siblings in the park. Whether you admit it or not, it is a lot of fun, a good way to engage in something else other than your sorrowful woes, and a lovely pastime to have fun in.


Money, money, money. It’s all about that these days, isn’t it? Instead of complaining to your mum that you want that new Thick & Fast Mascara I talked about in a previous blog post, but don’t have the money, why don’t you go our yourself and earn it? This could be babysitting the neighbours, doing chores around the house or asking your local shops whether they need any help. There you go, money of your own.


And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this guide of 5 things to do during your half term, it was fun to write and hopefully helpful to you. How do you like to spend your half terms/ holidays? Let me know!

– Jo who blogs xx